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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Kit Kat Club

Exam time-table kuduthutaanga.

Idhukku aparamum if I remain as addicted to blogging as I am now, I don't deserve a prayer club when I pulambify later! :D But I don't have the will-power or the need to completely take a break from blogging either.

Dumbs, Capri and Kay.. unga level-ku enakku determination illainaalum, you've been true vazhikaatis (in the proper way, for a change! :P)...

So peeps, do me a favour. If it seems like I'm spending way too much time in Blogsville, please shoo me away!

Thanks. :)

Don't ask me how you'll know how much time I spend online. Figuring that out is upto you!
(I might need my blog to grumble about how having to study in that sapping heat is a pain!)