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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Keeping a promise...

I'm doing this for my friend Murali. Or The Optimist as he calls himself.

If ever there was an issue he's juggled with for the better part his life, that takes higher priority than his IIT JEE fiasco (No offense da.. this IIT thingy still stings all of us!), it's with..
*pa para pa pa paaaaeeeee* (That's a trumpet and a trombone building up a feverish tempo, FYI)

Boy-Girl Relationships

*end drum-roll*

Was that dramatic enough? Anyways.. he gets extremely animated and into his groove whenever this topic crops up. And believe me, with him around, it crops up a little too often for my liking! He's planned this post for a while now. And I WAS taken aback when I read it.

indha level-ku avan idha pathi pesinadhu illai! ororuthan girlfriends-oda alayaraan-nu pulambinadhoda seri.. but avanukku indha level-ku idha pathi opinions irukku-nu ennakku theriyaama pochu.

Therinjaalum onnum kizhichurukka maaten, coz I'm someone who's been scared (rather indifferent) to talk to gals till my 12th. College vandhu thaan ippo edho konjam nadungaama talking. :)

So here I am. Keeping my promise. People, please do read his post on the "ultimate issue" (as a few ppl I know choose to put it).. and do give him his feedback. I bet u'd have a rather intellectually stimulating experience in that comment-box of his, while I get to have free entertainment with a smug smirk on my face. Pardon me for being an insensitive prat!

But seriously, that was well written da... Un comment box-la naan kudutha comment-a kandukaadhe! :)

So (with that drum-roll again) ellarum avan blog-a poi paarungoooooooooooo!!!

ulp. ivalo build-up kuduthutu link kudukka marandhurupaen! :)
Here it is.

And oh.. ellarum anga comment panninathukku aparam ingayum edhavathu koovunga.. please! :)