Magix 'n' Curses
..the argument continues

Monday, March 21, 2005


Ever heard of ESP?
It's that freaky li'l psychic phenomenon - Extra Sensory Perception. In layman's terms, Sixth Sense.

It has more to do with knowing what's going to happen in the future, than shrivelling up in your bed, gritting your teeth and mumbling, "I see dead people".

Folks. Meet your new psychic extraordinaire, Curses. :)

It all started with a visit to the Anjeneyar temple in Mylapore. (Aaaha, appo thaan en udambula aatha aeridutho?) Seems it was a pending visit, thanks to all the buildup I'd given for my results. My mom'd absolutely freaked out and prayed she'd bring me there if I pass. Well, she kept her word.

After a quick stop at Praveen's house (dei, btw, un room romba neat-a irukku.. idhu nalladhukku illa!), and a not-so-quick darshan at the temple, we were heading back home when I realised my friends were practicing for a dance somewhere close by. We have an intra-institution culturals coming up, and these guys are really putting in their all for a dance. And doing a good job of it too.

The least I could do was drop in, look at them dance and cheer them on.. And so I went. I was just in time for their final rehearsal. Then it was time for pack up. I was about to leave when K asked me if I cud drop S home. S lived in Velachery and had to go home alone. Ok, vetti-ya thaane irukaen-nu I agreed. Drop-na romba think-aadhenga. Namakkellam bus thaan!

On the way to the bus stop, she wanted to stop at a supermarket to buy something. A cold wave of dread ran down my spine. No! This couldn't be happening. What the hell am I doing shopping with a gal?!?! Especially after this fiasco! My apprehension was not misplaced. Dread turned into horror as I saw her pull out a shopping cart. Damn damn damn!! As she took her own sweet time, I was crying in my mind! Konja nerathukku aparam I lost patience. "Enough. Now let's get going", I demanded. She relented. That is, until she saw those choco-chip cookies. Not jus' one brand. But an entire rack of 'em. My relief of finally leaving was punctured when I saw her eyes light up. "Dei.. idhu nalla irukkuma, adhu nalla irukkuma?", she asked. "Rendum foreign brand. Un purse-ku rendume nalla irukaathu!", I snapped. After what seemed like ages, she was done and left the supermarket poorer, but happier.

When we finally reached the bus stop, it was already pretty late. As I sat there, waiting for a bus, I was suddenly reminded of my previous post where I said I didn't talk to gals till I joined college. And here I was, sitting in a bus-stop with a gal. Another thought crossed my mind then. "What'll happen if my parents see me now?"

Less than a couple of seconds later, I saw my parents go by in the car.