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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Caught in the act - Part 3

It's been a long time coming, hasn't it? :)
A pretty quiet semester after this and this. It might also be coz I was never in class half the time. But anyways, this episode doesn't exactly qualify as Caught in the Act. More in the league of this one! :)

(Couldn't resist bloggin' abt this. Forget my previous post for a while!)

One of our lecturers has this habit of saying "okay?" at the end of every sentence. And the only time we actually pay attention to his lectures are when we count his okays. We also play this guessing game when we try to anticipate and say "okay" along with him. But we end up in a hysterical chuckling fit.. everytime!

Today was no exception. His okays became increasingly funny. Our chuckles became increasingly audible. The angry glares he threw at us became increasingly murderous. We resorted to the counting game.

I realised I didn't even have a notebook open in front of me. I fished out one from under the desk, opened a page at random, and started putting a notch for every okay he said. Wanting to do something a li'l more interesting, I set the countdown timer on my cellphone to 5 mins. And restarted the notches with renewed vigour. He notched up(!) a staggering 54 okays in 5 minutes. (Random trivia: the bloody timer rings even if the cellphone's set on silent mode. Scared the hell outta me!)

The other students were getting fidgety too. Two guys (we'll call them A1 and A2), who come to class so rarely we keep forgettin' they exist, were present today. Pity they had to sit thru such a soporific lecture. A1 started playing around with his camera mobile. And our lecturer, who chose to ignore the bunch of us stuffing our knuckles in our mouths to stop laughing, caught A1 sleepily playing with his cell. "Bring that cell here!", he thundered. A1 thought fast. He tried hiding his cell and managed to get hold of g1's cell. (yup.. the very gal who almost got me in trouble coz she forced me to change her nickname)

"Sir.. Gimme a last warning!", whimpered he. His "paavam look" would have worked if all of us didn't know what a kedi bugger he was. :) Unfortunately for him, the lecturer didn't fall for it either. He trudged to the front with a forlorn look on his face.. and handed over g1's cell!! I caught the pitiful look as he walked up, and the barely concealed grin as he walked outta the class. I didn't notice he had handed over g1's cell! :(

I was too busy typing out a msg saying Sir had uttered 54 okays in 5 mins. As I always do, while passing comments thru sms, I sent it to everyone in the class. (*Insert clap of thunder* Including g1!)

I started notching up his okays again, this time, with no timer. That was when I noticed g1 waving to me. She was trying to say something.. but I was too busy trying to catch the okays. She asked S for her cell, and sent me a msg asking me to give her a missed call. (You now know her devious plot. I didn't!) Only after I gave her the missed call did she tell me that it was HER cell in Sir's pocket! Sheesh! I'd not only sent a msg about him to his own pocket, I'd also sent him a missed call urging him to read it!

She gestured that she'd locked her cell and asked me not to worry. It gave me enough cheer to send him another missed call! :D Now there was another bored creature called A2, remember? He entertained himself by giving missed calls too! And everytime the cell vibrated in his pocket, the lecturer gave a pause, and a thiruttu muzhi! This was all too much for a few of us. A coupla guys openly laughed, doubling up, hands clutching their bellies.

By the end of class, he'd notched up 212 okays! We considered giving him a standing ovation, but good sense prevailed and we didnt. A1 ran upto him and asked for the cell back. The lecturer refused and hurried off to the staffroom. Now g1 freaked out! I suspected I saw a tear :D but she denied it so vehemently, I figured it was safer to agree! This was when A1 dropped another bombshell. Seemed her cell WASN'T locked, and the lecturer read the Missed Call message. It was my turn to freak out!

Finally, during lunch, g1 went and fetched the cellphone herself. I asked her if I had a suspension form due. I was extremely relieved to know he hadn't read my sms.. and the only thing he noticed was Missed Calls. From Magix and Tarzan!! :)
Bless her! She'd actually stored our numbers with nicknames!

Caught in the act - Not quite.. Part 2! okay? :)

I guess I'm the official nickname creator for the class. In case ur wondering why we named A2 as Tarzan, it was a.. err.. brainwave of mine. I'd given him the nickname when I saw the columns adjacent to his name in the attendence register.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..a..aaa..a...aaaaaaaaaa..aaaaa! :)