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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bummer :(

I've already mentioned this here and here... Yeah, the same thing that made your eyebrows go up high enough to disappear under your hair.

Being in a batch with three gals. In the lab, I mean. :)

But I repeat. I still am "ruing my sad fate"! Here are 10 reasons why I shud mope.

> I don't understand a thing that's being done. I jus' stare in awe, as they expertly make the connections. (Well, not that expertly.. but they do get the right wires in the right holes. Oh, and stop being such a pervert!)

> I've to think twice before kadichufying. But this has never stopped me from kadichufying. :) It's jus' that I'm made to think twice, filter out "offensive stuff, if any" and then say the kadi!

> My name comes in between the names of 7 gals in the roll call. So try what u want, I end as the only boy in any batch of four. Sometimes I seriously contemplate changing my name to Zarish!

> I'm relegated to being the person who has to lift the heavy apparatus and place it where they want it.

> End up looking silly if I hafta fight for a stool to sit on.

> Stare blankly to see them come with a completed obsi (observation note) before we begin an experiment. Of course, my obsi matches my stare. Blank.

> Stare blankly to see them complete the record even as we complete taking the readings. I ofcourse, jus' about manage to get it completed and corrected.. next week!

> Look in envy as they sweet-talk the lab assistant into getting their work done. And when I ask him for help, I usually get a "ada chi.. neeye pannu!"...

> Forced to listen to them giggle.

> I'm left all alone looking at the apparatus with a clueless expression on my face as they happily visit the "restroom" (jeez, why can't they jus' call it a loo like everyone does?!) every half an hour. I'm convinced they have a mini party room in there. Complete with a soundbox, television and yeah, the popcorn!

And as if these 10 reasons aren't enough, I've had more "bad luck". Read on...

The 3 of them get their obsis corrected. Their records too. And when I go to get mine corrected (the standard "one week later") I'm told the graph is wrong, the readings are wrong, everything is wrong! So what's the catch?

I copied it all from them!

And I shamelessly tell the lab-in-charge that.
Me : But Ma'm! I copied the graph from them!
Her : Why? Don't you know how to draw it yourself?
Me : (unleashing that sheepish grin I reserve for lecturers) I wanted to be on the safer side!
Her : So what makes you think their graphs are right?
Me : You corrected them, Ma'm. :)
Her : I don't care. Yours is wrong. Go change it and come.

@&^%$#*&% One of these days...

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