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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Auto DeFrost - Part 2

Poetry is that which makes hearts-of-stone melt,
With its sheer power of being so heart-felt.
But with me, the concept of "melting" is lost,
And that's why I call myself Auto DeFrost! (pun intended!)

I just wanted to have some fun,
To throw in a kadi, mebbe a pun.
Reactions I saw, at both the extremes,
Stuff u get to experience only in dreams.

There were amused nods, and the odd chuckle,
There was even the (anticipated) miffed knuckle..
Add to that, a revelation of how my blog
Turned that fairy-tale prince into a frog. :)

But I'll stop with these rhymes for now,
Stare awhile, mebbe take a bow,
Coz I never thought things would go this far..
Of actually comparing me with that karadi TR!

- Auto DeFrost

Anklenote: (what else wud I call the thingy above a foot-note? :P )
Shyam, the last line was used just to make it rhyme.. kavalai padaathenga! :)

Nope. I'm not quitting the rhyme-game. :) Jus' taking a break till I feel like it again..