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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Auto Defrost - Part 1

I quite fancy myself as a limericist.
(err.. I didn't know the word for a Limerick writer.. I thought I'd go with the lyrics:lyricist format!) You'd have got a vague idea if you've read these posts. :)

I know I suck. At times, my limericks border on sad (as in hopelessly pathetic).. But I go on with the rhymes, hoping that one day, one of my "works" gets published in the "Big Book of Nursery Rhymes for Kindergarten children".

And when I get bored, everyone I know virtually bolts outta my sight. They seem to sense that a particularly stupid li'l rhyme is on its way.

So I'm forced to post them up here. I'm sorry people.. neenga than kadachenga!

I'm particularly fond of Robert Frost's poems. (They were the easiest to mug up in English class at school) So here's my nom de plume as a limericist - Auto DeFrost.

One day, in the recent past, I slumped into such an extreme ebb of boredom, that I started writing customised limericks for ppl I know. Yerkaname en "poems" kevalama irukkum, idhula mathavangala damage vera senjaen! I still can't figure out how my classmates haven't disowned me since then. Bless them. :)

I don't think I can publish most of them here, coz I'm too young to die. I'll just post the one I wrote for myself. :P

There was a time when Ash Rai
Would not sleep if she didnt say hi
To me, of course; She'd call everyday
Provided though, her phone bills I pay.

One fine day I lost my temper,
And screamed at her till she began to whimper,
Saying "If u call me again, I'll put u on a leash
I swear I'll do that, or my name ain't Harish!"

Sad, ain't it. :) Here's one more.. (aww.. don't groan already!)

There was a boy called Karthik
Who wanted to go the Arctic
He had to put it off for later
So he sat in a refrigerator
And found the experience cathartic
-Auto DeFrost

Karthik, if you're reading this.. sorry da dei :) But I kinda really like this one!

I meant cathartic as in psychotherapeutic! Not as in laxative!!

Yup. I noticed ur horrified gaze flick up to the title again! It DOES say Part-1. There IS gonna be more of this! muahahahahaha!!