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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Time to change...

I have preconceived notions about everything in the world. Even those I know nothing of.

Microsoft has to thank me for it in a way. I've been so loyal to MS and Bill Gates, you'd think I'm being paid for being so. Whenever one of my friends asks "Linux poturukiya da?", I go into an extremely defensive shell and retort, "No thank you. Naan Microsoft rasigan. I'd rather stick with Windows."

I have no clue about all these Open Source thingies (and I call myself a Comp Sci student, bah!). Nor am I interested (vetti bandha.. don't mind! I surely wouldn't mind a lesson or two!).

But for once, I've looked beyond my prejudice. I've come outta the stupid li'l cocoon I've built around myself. I've decided to bear the big blow to my ego(!!) considering it's worth it.

Internet Explorer sucks!

I had to make the change ever since the stupid spywares and adwares started to run amok in my comp. I grudgingly switched to Firefox. Is it brilliant or what! Better security, more workspace, a speed that's not so bad, tabbed browsing... I was impressed. Been using it for more than 4 months. But I still didn't go telling this to everyone thinking, errr... well, that I'm betraying MS!

I can be stupid. (yeah yeah, u knew it all along.. I know!)

Something happened yesterday that shattered the last shred of fondness I had for IE. I came across a brilliant Java Script that let me have a collapsible Fave Links List. I tweaked around with it and made it blend in completely with my sidepane. I was proud of my work and it worked rather well when I checked it out.

But I had a nagging suspicion I screwed up somewhere. Checked up with a few ppl, and my paranoia proved right. My fave links list jus' vanished on IE! Breaking into beads of sweat, I opened my blog in IE and scrolled right down to see the stupid thing sitting smugly where it ought not to. I tried all that I could.. in vain. :(

I had no option but to delete the code.. mind you, with a very heavy heart!

Looked up the percentage of ppl who visit my blog who use Firefox. Was glad to see it was a whopping 51%!

I did consider for a moment to let the code be. I thought I'd jus' let the IE users search for the links themselves. But I realised how stupid and selfish I was being. Ennayum madhichu sila paeru varaanga en blog-a paarka. Avangalayum thurathi vitta velai-ku aagathu!! :)

So here's my sincere request (worth a shot!) to the other 49%.

Get Firefox!! :D