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Monday, February 28, 2005

Inspiration from desperation

It's been one quirky day.

Power failure at 3 in the morning. There went my sleep for the rest of the night! The mosquitoes rubbed the fact in hard. Not jus rubbed, no. That wouldn't do, would it? They made sure they left a "lasting impression". Damn them. Enakke kadi! I hate cocky pests.

The only way I kept myself sane till daylight was by making spoofs of popular nursery rhymes. Here's one :

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Check your damn eyesight, I'm a bloody bull!

Things didn't get better on my way to college either. (Oh, btw, I didn't complete the assignment, nor did I study for the test!)
Something really ought to be done for public transportation along the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). Half the software giants have their offices along the OMR. Giving them stiff competition is the number of colleges. Spread throughout the OMR, it ain't called the IT Corridor for nuthin'. My college's situated in an area called "Karapakam". No, not Car-Parking.. come on, say it out loud.. Kar-a-pak-kam. See, not too difficult, is it? :)

Oops. I keep digressing. I got too caught up with all those stats. Should stop seeing all those Vijaykanth movies! My bad.

So where was I? Yeahh.. pathetic public transport. With so many ppl going along that stretch, the least the state could do was let an extra bus ply along the route. But ooooh, no. Now that wouldn't show us who's the boss. There was this blog I read mentioning crowded buses and footboard travellers. But I disagree with him on this point -

"If people are getting late , they should leave in time so as to avoid such a mad scramble,"

Eppo kilambinaalum, bus irundha dhaane poga mudiyum!

And it was this that forced me to take a (relatively empty) bus to PTC Quarters. That's not even 3/4ths the distance to my college. Once I got down, I waited and waited and well.. waited some more! Couldn't see a single bus going my way. Nothing but sheer frustration could have led me to write this piece. And to think I knew this particular type of poetry existed, only a few days ago!

Stranded on the road;
Not a bus in sight - Dammit!
Should I hitch-haiku?


Now that I've made a complete mockery of a traditional form of poetry, I must ask you to pardon me. Couldn't help it. :) So anyways, I did get a bus eventually and reached college safe, sound and disheveled.

The first hour was the test. It took me jus' one glance at the question paper to realise I'd be making a lot more at my neighbour's paper. And it took me one glance too many at the neighbour's paper to almost get myself in trouble. Pretended to ask him for his pencil even as the invigilator threw me a furious stare! :) But it was a moment of realisation.

1. I should prepare better for exams. Ok, lemme put it this way. I should prepare for exams!
2. My glasses don't work. Which means, (gasp!) my power's shooting up! (or is it down? I have shortsight! And it could only go down from -1.)

I had put away the only answer I knew for the end. I realised it after the exam. Damn! How careless could I get? And that prompted yet another verse (you might also wanna spell it "worse").

I'm a careless guy,
Aww, I admit I'm negligent.
Sometimes I even forget,
To get back the money I lent.

But I have a doubt,
An unintended kadi.
Is a careless woman,
Called a negli-lady? :)

And poor Aswin bore the complete brunt of my inspired kadi spree. I took pity on him after a while, I felt he was a dam - ready to burst (tears/rage.. I didn't wanna debate. He had my sympathies!).

There was one more kadi. But I'll save it for my Corny Curses' Corner, shall I? It's due for an update tomorrow! :)

The lab in the afternoon was actually fun! Can't believe I'm actually saying this considering how much I dread those 3 hours every Monday. Stuck with 3 gals for batchmates, I normally just sit in a corner and rue my sad fate. :) But today, I thought I'd take revenge. If not revenge, at least have some fun!

So I innocently asked H, "Hey, nee thaane namba class cul sec (culturals secretary)? Lab-la enna pannrae? Jolly-a OD vaangeetu oor suthradha vittutu inga enna velai unakku?"

H : (eyes brightening) Enna da sollrae? OD-a? kudupaangala?
Me: Of course! Naan evalo vaati OD adichutu escape aairukaen. Unakku idha vida better chance kidaikaadhu.
H : Tempting-a thaan irukku... paravaliya da?
Me: Naana irundha ipadi ketutu ellam iruka maaten. You don't get such opportunities everyday, do ya?
H : Hmmmm, nalla thaan idea kudukarae. Aana experiment?
Me: (This is where the devil kicked in!) Adhu nee miss pannuvae.
H : (more to herself) Hmmm, 3 hours... Jolly-a oor suthalaam...
Me: Idhu thaan most important experiment. Exam-ku vandha pei muzhi muzhipae!
H : Dei! Yaen da ipadiyum soleetu apadiyum sollrae? Ippo naan pogatuma vendaama?
Me: Po po! Naan aavadhu nimadhiya irukaen!! :)

This is where I think I pushed my luck too far. My plan backfired when she had a brainwave.

H : Idea! Naan one hour-ku oor sutheetu aparam ungaloda vandhu experiment pannraen! Connections.. problem illa, reading mattum thaane paarkanam!

Do'h! :(

So I was left to myself, inserting the stupid wires in the stupid bread boards making stupid connections. I was feeling jealous. Couldn't stand the fact that someone was out there enjoying while I was made to do such dreary things. My thoughts drifted.. I wondered what'll happen if the circuit board felt jealous.

Wire-u pathikittu eriyum. Vera enna? :)