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..the argument continues

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Even as the lecturer droned on, even as pens scurried across paper to at least doodle a toon, if not to take notes, even as those padipps gals in the first bench hung on to every word the lecturer was saying, I was fighting my own battle.

And it was one helluva battle. Every cell in my body groaned in agony. My mind was numbing with overwhelming frustration. My eyes watered. It took me all my willpower to keep from screaming out loud.

Ok, I'll cut to the chase.. I was having a bad cold (do good colds even exist?). My nose and my eyes were having a competition of their own - who leaked more! (My apologies to all those whose minds work in dirty ways. Nothing else took part!)

And if there's one thing worse than trying to get your eyes to stop watering, your nose to stop running and trying to atleast pretend to listen at the same time.. it's a sneeze that isn't.

A sneeze that isn't. Yup, I got it right. It's that lousy little sensation in your nose where you feel a sneeze building up.. when you feel your nose twitch like Jerry's when Tom places that big lump of cheese near his mouse-hole.. when your mind screams "Sneeze, dammit!".. and ultimately, you don't.

And moi, with my dust allergy, could only envision a tiny li'l dust speck doing a thaandav in my nose. The bloody thing was having a whale of a time tickling my extra-sensitive nasal passage, thumbing it's non-existant nose. Lucky for it. I'd have loved to take revenge.

Exactly then, ma'm spotted me rubbing my eyes. She probably thought I'd just woken up from a nice sleep. I don't blame her. My eyes looked bad! :) She wanted me to draw some circuit on the board. Great, just what I needed. More attention to my runny nose.

One squiggle. That's all I'd done on the board. And I could have sworn I heard an army of dust particles say "CHARGE" as they shot up my nose. The tickling worsened. My eyes watered even more. I was sniffing twice for every line I drew. I don't know if it was outta pity or impatience that she let me go, but she asked me to go back, and I didn't complain!

Two minutes later, I said something I'd never been more eager to say in my life before.

And an old kadi of mine to round this up..
As the Girlfriend song from Boys goes -
"Hutch endraal kerchief-ai neeta"... Airtel endraal enna seyya?