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..the argument continues

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Hmmm.. I really didn't wanna update my blog till my results were out. The wait has been frustratingly long. But the weekend's closing in, and I won't be in town. Figured I might as well blog about something I've been wanting to for quite a while.

Scene : The bus stop

Time : 9:30 A.M , Sunday

I was waiting for a bus to Loyola. Getting pretty restless, I started twirling my cellphone between my thumb and middle finger. I almost dropped my cellphone in shock as I heard a voice to my right yell, "o*** dei! Cellphone vechirundha periya m***** nee?"

Completely nonplussed, I turned around to see a pretty decently dressed chap on a bike looking straight at me with a furious look on his face. I didn't quite get it. The person standing in front of me seemed startled too. Guess he felt the guy was looking at him. That only confused me further. I couldn't quite make out who he was staring at! (Random notes of enlightenment: Fury adds a squint to ur eye!!)

The-guy-in-front-of-me, let's jus call him X for my aching fingers' sake(!), was visibly offended. "Excuse me?" he said, his voice quavering lightly. He seemed guarded and didn't turn around to face the Biker dude (gotta make do with this name for the time being!) straight on. But nothing in the world could have prepared me for what followed next. My jaw almost hit the floor in bewilderment when the Biker dude retorted, "Enna da English-la peela vudarae? English-la pesina nee periya p******-ya?"

I could feel every eye in the bus stop trained on the three of us. What was happening? Why was he picking up a fight for no reason? And all of a sudden, a silly thought crossed my mind. Silly, but every inch possible. Was this Candid Camera? Did I actually have a camera zooming in on me? Am I on TV?!? I absently ran my fingers through my hair. I was feeling extremely self-conscious! I just wanted to get the hell outta the place. (Random notes of enlightenment: My brain goes off into tangents in the opposite direction just when I want it to stay focussed. And yeah, the only way to make me wage a war against the unruly mop of hair atop my head is to train a camera on me!)

Perhaps Mr. X was too numb with shock to have such crazy ideas floating around in his head. The Biker dude wasn't done with the expletives. He mouthed yet another string of well-chosen obscenities. Even passers-by stopped to gawk at the scene.

Mr.X had had enough. He spluttered in indignation, pulled himself up to full height and started to approach the Biker dude. Aaah, now this was gonna get interesting! :)

But things took yet another crazy twist as the manic look on the Biker dude's face flickered off. To be replaced by a slight hint of confusion. And then, full-blooded horror!

Mr. X seemed puzzled at the reaction too. Things fell into place when the Biker dude slapped his forehead and exclaimed "phone-a vei da naaye. unaala en maaname pochu!".

And even as he revved up his bike, and fled the scene, face red with embarassment, I caught a glimpse of the ear-piece of his Hands-free mobile set peep out from under his collar! :)