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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Endrendrum Punnagai

This song's been looping over and over and over again in my winamp playlist. And I can't help grinning like a maniac. Still unable to believe how I passed, but hey, there are somethings in life you'd do better than question. I believe this is one of them! Bless that dear who corrected my papers. :)

I'm feeling a strange void. I have so many things to blog about. I really can't figure out if my brain's unwilling to co-operate, or if I'm plain lazy. So I'm just going about sprucing my blog up a bit!

The Comment-box has got a face lift.
Babelfish translator now sits pretty on the sidepane. (How I wish it'd show me the result right here, on my page! I'm allowed an occasional bout of nappaasai, ain't I?) :)

And I'm still stuck with two incidents I haven't blogged about.
  1. The day I had coffee with AR Rahman
  2. My quiz, with Siddhartha Basu
Two really big people on my "Wish-I-could-meet-them" list already met. Is my life on fast forward or something?

So this is what I've decided to do - Ask you guys what I should blog about next! :)
Drop in your "vote", and lemme know if u like my new Comment-box! ;)