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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Of close shaves and sickening crowds...

Guess I had a tad too much action yesterday.

It all started with my dad, who's normally extremely circumspect about technology, asking me to teach him how to operate my cellphone. That took me by surprise, actually. I've been asking him for a cellphone for over a year, and he's always been denying my request citing reasons on the lines of "Cellphones are evil". Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating.. But he belongs to the old school of thought. And I guess that explains why everything in my house is older than me. Except perhaps my TV, that's now 10 years old already!

Anyways, I've been trying to convince him on the "importance of having a cellphone" for over a year now. He didn't even relent when he saw a guy, with a torn vest and a barely-there lungi, fish out a cellphone and yap away to glory. But he's slowly getting rid of his prejudice.

So he asked me how to operate my cell. And I told him how to make a call. And then, I almost died of a heart attack... The cellphone vibrated! Awful timing for a message! I started to panic like that lady in the stupid Hamam ad. What if it was a stupid forward? What if it was a lewd joke?! Or.. gulp.. what if it was my friend pulling my leg about something extremely embarassing? I was shaken outta my reverie by my dad reading out "1 message received". He wanted to open it. I tried snatching it outta his hand, telling him, "enakku vandha message pa!".. He was too quick for me. I guess this made him all the more curious! My sis was looking at the scene with a bemused expression on my face, and broke into a wide grin lookin' at my face. I resigned to fate and told him what to do. I had my fingers crossed... I crossed my toes too, for good measure.

It was just Praveen telling me how much he'd earned outta his Google Ads! Phew!!

So as I'd promised him, this post is to puganzhndhufy him! Praveen nallavan, vallavan, ellarum avan blog-a poi paarungooo!! :)

The second part of the day was worse.. I sincerely hope no other boy has to go thru such a horrifying experience. It was sheer torture! Okie, I'll cut the buildup.. My sis wanted to go shopping in T.Nagar, and me, being the sweet brother that I am, agreed to give her company. I regret the decision. :(

Maddening crowds, shops everywhere, pedestrians who couldn't care less.. CHAOS! This was my first ever trip to the area.. that perhaps explains my angst. My sis was having a whale of a time looking at stuff and then deciding against buying it. I had my own doubts if she actually knew what she wanted to buy. Pondy Bazaar was worse! She stopped at every damn stall, while I jus' stood shaking my head, ruing my decision. By the end of it all, my doubts vanished. She really did have no clue about what she wanted to buy and was shopping by impulse! :(

Hmmm, I should get myself a new hobby.. like bird-watching, perhaps! :)

Did I forget to mention I bought myself 3 new shirts and had super food at Mansukh's?