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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Goodbye :(

I'm not going anywhere.. so wipe that smile of relief off ur face!

It's my 1.5 KV UPS that's going. :(

It was probably the best thing about my computer.. ok, mebbe after my monitor. A huge UPS with a coupla car batteries for company, it gave me Uninterrupted Power Supply (what else?) for 1.5 - 2 hours straight!

Oh, how I enjoyed owning the object of envy! While the entire area blacked out, I'd be the lone ranger (hehe.. sounds corny!) on my machine, going about my work (as in browse, play, check mails!) as if nothing happened. The eerie glare of the monitor was more than enough to aid my jus' about okay typing skills. I still can't type with my eyes blind-folded.. and won't attempt to do so too.. It'd only remind me of that Vijaykanth song in Neranja Manasu!!

And I particularly enjoyed these conversations on Yahoo Messenger :

Me: Damn! Current poiduthu! :(
The Other Person: Appo how are u still online?
Me: UPS. :)
T.O.P: After all fifteen minutes... adhukku nee ippove log off pannalaam.
Me: 15 mins-a? pichai kaasu! I can stay on for 1.5 - 2 hrs!
T.O.P: What??!
Me: Yup.. it's connected to 2 car batteries.. that's where it gets its charge from..
Hello?? edhavadhu sollu da!

And now I dread having to switch off the comp as soon as the power fails. Can't gloat anymore. :( I'm stuck with the "pichai kaasu" 15-minute thundu-bulbum of a UPS now!!! :((

Biddin' adieu to my trusty UPS with a very heavy heart. I'll miss you.
Engirundhaalum vaazhga. :(

But I've something else to gloat about.. My (cell) connection's been credited with 30 days extra validity! :D I'm not complainin'! ;)