Magix 'n' Curses
..the argument continues

Saturday, January 29, 2005


I hate it when this happens. Hate hate hate. Especially since it makes me think some unknown guy's cocking a snook at me.

An Operator Logo mania has gripped my class. You ain't kewl unless ya have a custom made logo on yer cell in the place of an Airtel, Hutch or an Aircel.
(K.. I exaggerate at times.. But I like the concept of Operator Logo, alright?)

It's a pretty simple process too. Jus type

Mylogo [a number] [your logo]

and send it to 8243..
You receive your own tailor-made, straight-off-the-factory, hot and fresh Operator Logo. Hot, coz it'd have probably burnt a hole through your balance.

And so there I was.. All atingle, set to get my own Operator Logo. I feverishly punched

Mylogo 11 Curses

and sent it. Within a second, I got my own Operator Logo. It said "Curses" in a pretty cool font. A pang of guilt and a tinge of sorrow gripped me as I saw my Airtel logo disappear. My Brand-Loyalty induced dejection lasted a second perhaps. I was quite satisfied to hear an impressed "Oooh! Cool Font da" from my friend, K.

Maybe that did me in. Damn you, da! It's all coz of you!

I was totally psyched up. I didn't even realise I'd been relieved off a cool 3 bucks from my credit balance. What's the big deal, you might ask. My friends lost just 2 bucks, ok? Why was all this infuriating injustice doled out only to me? Oh, the cruel, cruel world! (hehe.. My friend S was right.. I should try out Drama!)

We figured each number was a font-type. My friend K had selected the number 7, and my friend T had picked 8. Font-type 8 was pretty straight and plain. 7 was all dotty. So far, 11 seemed the coolest. The inquisitive nut that I am, I HAD to check out the other fonts. And I had the perfect excuse to do it.. my alter-egos! I convinced myself that I shouldn't be offending sweet old Magix and decided to get him an operator logo too. Clickety-click went my thumb yet again...

Mylogo 2 Magix

And I was in for a rude shock. The damn thing gave me "Magix" in the dumbest font I've seen. Looked like it came straight off a typewriter! It looked something like this..


only, it was a 100 times worse.
Oooh, of all the the nerve! With a little beep came a smug announcement that 3 more Rupees had been deducted off my balance. Grrrrr...

Curiosity kills the cat, they say. I couldn't have agreed more. Not wanting to be laughed at for such a geeky Operator Logo, I decided to give it one last shot. It was a 2-pronged plan. Get a li'l more Oohs and Aahs (of admiration, I mean. Do you have a perverted mind or what!)... and check out one more font type. This time, I decided to do it for the original me, Harish.

Mylogo 19 Harish

Picked my Date-Of-Birth, feeling very certain it was gonna be one cool font. A bead of sweat ran down my eyebrow as I saw the Message sent confirmation. Time slowed down. It seemed so "Matrix-y" (for want of a word). And almost immediately my cell vibrated to lemme know I had a new message. An Operator Logo. Never mind the fact that I'd uselessly wasted 9 bucks now. The "Oooh"s make up for it, I thought.

With bated breath, I clicked Open when I saw the New Operator Logo Received message. My friend T noticed what I was doing. He looked at my cell in anticipation too. My cell seemed to take ages to open (the Matrix effect, I guess)... and Voila..

No, nothing wrong with ur eyes or my blog. I was jus showing you what I got. A @#&*^!@ blank screen! It was all I could do to not swear out loud and shot a "Grin, and ur history buddy.." glare at my friend T. He got the hint and struggled successfully to keep a poker-face.

But I knew my jig was up. I had to admit it, though I hated to. I gave him a very laboured grin as I asked him, "What do you call this font-type anyways?".

He looked me straight in the eye, shrugged, and said, "Invisible da".


Yeah yeah yeah.. the guffaws followed. There were embarassing announcements of "Hey, guess what! He got a blank logo!!"... And to make things worse, he reminded me I'd effectively paid 9 bucks for one silly logo that cruelly replaced the majestic "Airtel" logo I was so proud of. Sigh.