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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Caught in the act - Part 2

Here we go again! :) The much-awaited sequel to this one! (Hey! Don't nod your head like that! Have some kinda pity on me, will ya?!)

And remember how I'd taken care not to speak ill of my lecturer last time? I'm not really worried about it now!

He's a pretty funny chap, actually. He tries to be all rough, tough, macho. But if you remember one of the comments from last time, you'll know why it's so funny. Try as he might, he just can't intimidate people! And I'm one of the "select few" who've been "targetted" by him ever since we first saw each other. He just can't stand me. Wonder why. I'm not one to give up either. With all my kozhuppu, I just ask him doubts I'm dead sure he has no clue about. My friend A thinks I suffer from a pretty heavy dose of Tit-for-Tat mentality. :)

So where was I? Yeah.. It was him again. My nemesis returns. (I'll call him Mr. England for convenience's sake!)

I was writing my record in all earnest before classes began. I'd got my friend's observation (or obsi, as we call it) and was copying down the readings furiously. I was also quite busy drawing the graph on a stupid piece of paper called a Log Sheet. I've jus been introduced to it. And believe me, it's a pain! Don't ask me why I hadn't finished it earlier. It's another sad story. There are three students to a batch, and I have two gals for batchmates.
(Yup. I got the emoticon right. Don't blink. And no! Naan avan illa!!)

So Mr. England walked into a virtually empty class beaming ear to ear. Even as I sighed and attempted to put away the Obsi and graphs, I noticed quite a lotta students were missing. And he didn't give any indications of starting his class. He just hung around waiting for 'em to troop in. "What the heck?", I thought, and decided I'd continue with my graph. A lil while later, I heard my friend hiss, "Dei, varaaru da". I saw Mr. England glare at me, and figured it was wisest to put it all away now. And before I knew it, he was standing next to me and was trying hard to wrest the book outta my hands! Imagine. Two adults playing tug-of-war with a poor 80-page note! I was quite amused. I didn't let go, and tried to pull it back! :D Maybe he got sick of the little game. He screwed up his face in intense concentration and gave a mighty heave. I decided to let go this time. But no, he didn't lose balance and trip over. (Damn!)

He gave me a fierce glare and said, "Harish. Just you leave the class. I don't want you in my class hereafter." And he went on to do something pretty impressive (by his standards). He flung the notebook towards the door. It soared through a crazy arc with its pages flapping madly. It almost looked as if it was trying to stay afloat! The graphs that I'd hurriedly shoved into it scattered in all directions.

I was being told not to sit in his class. And he thought he was punishing me! Funnily enough, I didn't feel bad at all. I found the whole situation funny. Guess there were a reason for it.

It was my friend's obsi that he threw!! I had to try really hard not to think of the look of horror on her face, and picked them up with a very serious expression on my face. (Tip#1 : Biting your tongue really helps if u wanna control a chuckle! Tip#2: Sometimes it's a lot easier to just let go! Chuckle. A sliced tongue hurts. Real bad!)

Anyways, there are a few morals of the story I picked up along the way.

1. Every single time I've been caught, I haven't uttered a word. So there's a lesson in that. Never ever shut up.

2. The first time I got kicked outta class was in my 1st year. On my birthday. And I got kicked outta class today, on Rahman's birthday. There must be a connection in this too. Don't go to college on ppl's birthdays!

3. Every time I blog about being "Caught in the act" (I need a trademark sign for this!!), Aswin is conspicuous by his absense! Daily college-ku vandhu thulai da!!

4. And yeah! Take your damn cell phone with you when you go outta the class!! :(