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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Caught in the act - Not Quite :)

I'm a Dog-lover. And my friends laugh out loud everytime I say that. :)

Anyways, this post doesn't exactly fit into the "Caught in the act" series.. but I liked the title!


So there I was, fiddling with my cellphone, completely oblivious of what was happening in class. I wasn't too interested in Artificial Intelligence today. I'd received a slew of jokes, and I was finding it increasingly tough to control my grin with each joke.


There's this cute pup that comes running to us when we eat lunch. We prefer eating outside the canteen, and the pup enjoys all the attention and more importantly, the food it gets! I've even played with it once, only to realise it seemed more interested in my shiny ID Card dangling from my neck. And to think of the number of times I've bragged about how dogs always find me fun. :(


I don't know how it managed it... but the pup actually climbed all the way up to the third floor. And it seems it was more interested in A.I than we were and happily settled down at the door. All of a sudden, a gang of students chorused, "HARISH!!!".

Did I go red in the face or what!


If any of my classmates read this, a request... DON'T EVER CATCH ME UNAWARES LIKE THAT!!! I almost died of guilt!

I really don't know whether to feel embarassed or proud that I was the first person to come to mind when they saw a dog! :)