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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


There are moments. And there are moments.

Some are so artificial, so plastic, you'd wanna think it's rehearsed. And in all probability it would be true. (Like the cheesy lady who thinks she's a brilliant quizmaster and breaks out into squeals of "that.. is.. absolutely.. CORRECT!! Yaaayyyy!")

While some are so spontaneous, so from-the-heart, you feel your skin break out into gooseflesh.

I had such a moment yesterday. So did thousands of others, at the Light Music Show by KK at Saarang, IIT.

KK had got the crowd jiving already with numbers from Pal (his album), Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, and Saathiya. And things were really getting hot, with people up on their feet and screaming their lungs out. So when he decided to sing the title song from Pal, I thought it'd seem a bit outta place. Didn't expect everyone to adjust to the sudden change in mood. But did we rise to the occasion or what!

Lighters, Matchboxes and a lotta other stuff were a strict no-no. And we did the next best thing we could. We waved our cellphones slowly to the rhythm. The organisers were quick to seize the moment, and turned off the lights. The sight took my breath away. A huge wave of pale blue, yellow and white was swaying in sync to the song. A moment of sheer exhilaration.

There was certainly one person who'd completely agree with me. KK. He went all mellow at the end of the song as he said "This is one of the best moments of my life. Thank you people."

I was moved too. Hmmm, I like this little thing called the feel-good factor. :)