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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Welcome to the Big Bad Blogging World!

We have two new bloggers on the scene now, folks.

1. Ferrari (Prabhu) :
The self-confessed "specialist commenter" (that's what he called himself. Said "When there are so many people to blog, who's gonna fill up the comments box?") jus got bitten by the blog-bug too! :) Quite a regular at comments@lazygeek.net. That wasn't an email id.. jus lazygeek's comment box! I owe him one actually. He was the one who made sure I was never stuck with zero comments. :) Thanks dude. That gave me a lot more reason to blabber some more. Now you know who's to blame! But there's one more thing I still can't thank him enough for. It starts with Calvin, ends with Hobbes, is in the form of a book, and came as a birthday gift! Thanks again Prabhu. :)
But it'd be unfair to call him a newbie. He's already got over 300 hits! Keep blogging.

The second blogger is my classmate
2. Aswin :
He's the guy who's been postin as Aswin, da_pransta and not to forget.. Kiwi Dranex! A tech-freak, this dude's got a smooth sense of humour. And I guess I should add, an enormous amount of patience. He sits right next to me and has had to grit his teeth through every kadi of mine! He's also the guy who helped me stay awake thru quite a many classes... by joining me in solving the Hindu Crosswords!! (Damn.. It's started to read like an Oscar Speech!)
All the best with your blogging, mate.

This one's for you guys!