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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Thank You

Two little words. Infinite power.

Scene : A "general stores".. somewhere in Chennai.

Time : Well, a pretty bad one for the guy at the helm. :)

Mood : Bloody pissed off, alright. He had this nasty look on his face. Kept muttering to himself. Screamed at a couple of helpers. Too many customers, way too little helpers. And very very frustrated.

The hero : Me. :)

What happened : I had gone to book train tickets for my folks. I was pedalling back all the way home, and needed a reason to stop and have a drink. Chennai, noon time. Reason enough. :)
And that was when I saw the scene. He didn't respond to me the first couple of times. So I decided to wait. After seeing off a few customers, he got around to me and asked "Enna sir vennum?"... I asked for a cool drink and happily sipped away watching him get back to the rest of his customers. He got into a heated argument with one of them too. And muttered some words in tamil (that I didn't even know existed), after the customer left. I wouldn't have been too surprised to see smoke billowing outta his ears. Time for me to pay.. how long do you expect to sip an empty cool drink bottle? I paid him the exact change, and said "Thank You".

You should have seen the child-like glee on his face, as he broke into a toothy grin to say, "Welgum".