Magix 'n' Curses
..the argument continues

Monday, December 13, 2004

Technology has improved so much-ah?

Naah, no piles operation or anything of that sort! But I love that line from the movie, Magalir Mattum.

Anyways, first day of a new semester. And it was pretty uneventful except for one redeeming li'l factor. My cellphone!

Confession time... I cannot keep my mouth shut in class. I just HAVE to come up with a retort for anything the lecturer says. Funny, or otherwise. (Aswin'll vote for the second, but he's just sore that he's got caught a lotta times!) Hmm, alright.. it's normally me. :) For all my "smartypantsness", I can't keep a straight face for longer than ten minutes. I end up getting kicked outta class for such a silly thing as "grinning". (Yeah.. life's pretty unfair.)

So we came up with the next best thing. Passing notes. And it worked pretty well, until our English Ma'm caught us in the act and said something pretty embarassing. That put an end to our "notes exploits". We had to look for other ways to while away time and the Hindu Crosswords provided a major relief. (Don't u gimme that look! What do u expect an engineering student to do? Listen to lectures?)

And today, we were sitting randomly and I ended up getting a seat quite far away from where I normally sit. There was no one I could comment to! Noooooooooooooooo!!! Right then, my trusty cellphone vibrated to let me know she was there for me. (Oh yeah, I call my cell a "she". Any problems with that? No, I don't know why.. and no, I don't have a name for her either... yet!) And so, with every quirky thing the lecturer did, off went my thumb into a typing frenzy... to get the wisecrack in before it got stale! It worked!! I love this little contraption!