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Thursday, December 30, 2004

New Year Resolution

It's that time of the year again
When that wretched term raises its hood.
It comes back to vex us, give us pain...
Why doesn't someone ban it for good?

I believe it's like a politician's word,
Trying to instill foolish hope.
Putting into action, you just can't afford;
With all the lure, you just can't cope.

But of course, there are a few,
Who think it's a good thing.
An opportunity to start anew,
Hoping good fortune it'd bring.

But I just think it's a whole lotta tosh,
Nothing but lies and false promise;
The follow-up too is just eyewash,
And you don't need a Sherlock to prove this.

"I will stop smoking" takes top honours.
A chief refrain of guilty smokers today.
Yet you see them puffing away in corners
Of dingy alleys near the ubiquitous tea kadai.

"I will not drink" comes a close second.
Ha! becoming a teetotaller overnight,
Is about as easy as trying not to offend
Your mother-in-law, itching for a fight.

"I will hit the Gym, I won't miss my workouts"
Is the new mantra making its rounds.
A few sessions later you have your own doubts,
If you're permanently attached to those extra pounds.

Diet resolutions rip your conscience bare
When you see that Pizza extra cheesy.
The list is endless, but success rare,
Ah, sticking to your word ain't easy.

So the next time some one asks me,
"What's your resolution, mate?"
I've got a perfect response, a kadi,
"It's 1024 x 768!!" :)

But hey, I'd seriously like to know your New Year Resolution! Come on, give it a shot. Consider it a challenge to your will-power. :)