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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mr. Jinx :(

I hate to admit it. But I'm jinxed. I really am.

4 plans to watch 7 G Rainbow Colony. All down the drain.
A plan to watch Garfield, postponed twice already.

An almost successful plan to watch Swades tomorrow. And my cellphone conks off!
WHY, God, WHY?!?!?!

The damn thing isn't even a month old! Why, Goddamn you? Why did you have to hang now? Why not tomorrow? Why not yesterday? Why only on the eve of the big plan? Why only when I need you the most!

So much for being in such a good mood until now. :(

I haven't even named her yet! :((

Update (24th Dec.. 1 P.M) :

She went under the scalpel.. or should I say, the screwdriver.
She's perfectly alright now. But then, the doc said she suffers from amnesia.

Translated :

I've got my cell repaired. I lost all my picture messages, ringtones and forwards.