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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Morning Raaga

I'm not reviewing the film, or its music. Don't worry. :)

This is more about the errr.. "lecture" I have to put up with on early sunday mornings.

My mom's a great speaker. I really mean it. If inspired, she can go on and on about something that she really believes in. And it's a pity she really believes that I'm a good-for-nothing lazy bum!

It maybe good intention ("My son shouldn't grow up to be a slob"). It maybe an attempt to imbibe discipline ("TamBram boys should get up early"). It may even be envy ("How dare he sleep blissfully, while I have to work so hard!"). I don't know what it is. But she really really hates to see me sleeping on a cold, cozy, lazy sunday morning. Hates with a capital H. Heck, put the "ates" in caps too!

And today morning was no exception. There was such a beautiful nip in the air. So good that I seriously feel getting up early on such a morning should be declared a criminal offense. But my mom HAD to play spoilsport. She said, "Harish.. ezhundhuru" once. A little later, she said it once more. And I detected a slight edge in her tone this time. I should have got up right then. But hey, I stand by what I believe in. And I believe it's a criminal offense! So I curled right back in to sleep. :)

Five minutes later, she again saw me dozing oh so happily. And that almost broke that vein in her temple! She launched into such an inspirational speech, I really wonder how I slept through it. She seemed so confident, so self-assured in what she was saying, she'd have made a brilliant orator. Election-la mattum ninnurundha ella vote-um amma-ku thaan. And I meant MY amma! Not Tamil Nadu's Amma!

And the speech didn't stop there. It went on for 20 whole minutes! I wouldn't have minded if she'd poured a bucket of water to wake me up. But this was sheer torture. :( You have to experience it to believe it. Sharp words about what a slob I was, sarcastic taunts that I was an insult to an engineering student, heartfelt rants about how I should improve my life... Some things you just can't ignore, even when you're in deep sleep! The words were boring their way through my skull, tapping that part of my brain that makes me get up. The other part of my brain, the one that says, "Are you crazy, man? Get back to sleep!", was offering deadly resistance to those words. I had a vague vision of my mom and my brain in an intense sword fight. And these kinda crazy hallucinations are enough to prove that my sleep was disturbed. My mom was winning. :(

And then, yet another part of my brain kicked into action. The part that has got me into trouble so many times. And yet, my favourite part. The one that deals with dry wit.

Realising that my mom was unrelenting in her lecture, I jus turned in my bed, and sleepily muttered, "Thank you, amma. Now the Vote of Thanks will be delivered by appa".

It earned me a full half an hour of sleep!!!

No Offense Meant.. to all the Mums around the world! :)