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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Cellphone Capers

I got my sim card!! (No, it didn't have Simran's face on it. And no, I'm not gonna sue Airtel.) :)

It was a true do'h moment for me though. Made my sis hurry back from work, got dropped off at the Airtel showroom. Only to find it shuttered down.
For once I was thankful that my sis can't go ten minutes without fishing out her mobile and talking to someone. A colleague of hers was on the line, and he promptly told her that the Airtel showroom had shifted to another building, two blocks away. Phew!

But the spirit of Homer Simpson hadn't cleared yet. I was asked to produce my student ID card. Do'h.

I hate it when such things happen. Especially when you can't put the blame on someone else! Caught a rick all the way back home, took my ID, and went back to Besant Nagar with a sheepish grin on my face.

But no, things didn't end here. I'd to get it photocopied, and their machine was down (or so they said). So off I trooped to an internet center nearby to get it "xeroxed". And the guy charged me 6 bucks for 2 copies. Hmmm, I didn't have time to get frustrated though. I needed the damn card! So I went back, picked a number that had my year of birth hidden somewhere inside ( ) and happily filled the form I was given.

And now, I'm the proud owner of a brand new connection! And before I forget, I got a chance to use my Debit Card for the first time. Oh well, guess all the thrill lasts only as long as you see your bank balance.

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