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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Caught in the act - Part 1

This is an effort (call it an experiment) to chronicle just how good I've been this semester. (Christmas being around the corner has no part to play in this. Honest!)
The lesser the number of sequels to this post, the "gooder" I've been.

I got caught in the act again today.
Our lecturer was going on and on about Input and Output devices. Still can't figure out what it had to do with Computer Graphics. But that was the least of my problems. All I did was to innocently respond to my friend's query. It wasn't my fault that my friend chuckled, not my fault that I grinned, and certainly not my fault that Sir saw me exactly then! (I told you it wasn't my fault!! Why do you wanna contradict that?) These words from him didn't help matters either (Aswin dude, you got roped in too!!)..

"Harish. All the time laughing. Not paying any attention in class. I have been noticing you from last semester. Everybody has changed. They are becoming serious. You and Aswin have not changed at all. This is not good. You and Aswin better change. Bring me your notes, I want to see it."

I put on the most innocent expression I could muster as I gave him my notes. I'd written everything he'd said. Ha!

But he changed tact at the speed of light and said "Sit in the first bench. I don't want you to sit with A. You'll not listen again."

I trudged back to the first bench, looking so ashamed, I expected his heart to break. It didn't. (I came to know later that I grinned my way back! Do'h! So much for acting!!)

Anyways, I still haven't mentioned the reason I got caught for. The class was going pretty normally (read : boring) when our lecturer gave us a piece of trivia with so much glee on his face, you'd have thought he was giving us all an early Christmas present. He said, "Every key in the keyboard has a life-time of 50 million presses".

My friend D, sitting in the bench in front of me, turned around and asked "Adhukku mela press pannina enna da aagum?"

I just said, "Kai valikkum".