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Thursday, December 30, 2004

New Year Resolution

It's that time of the year again
When that wretched term raises its hood.
It comes back to vex us, give us pain...
Why doesn't someone ban it for good?

I believe it's like a politician's word,
Trying to instill foolish hope.
Putting into action, you just can't afford;
With all the lure, you just can't cope.

But of course, there are a few,
Who think it's a good thing.
An opportunity to start anew,
Hoping good fortune it'd bring.

But I just think it's a whole lotta tosh,
Nothing but lies and false promise;
The follow-up too is just eyewash,
And you don't need a Sherlock to prove this.

"I will stop smoking" takes top honours.
A chief refrain of guilty smokers today.
Yet you see them puffing away in corners
Of dingy alleys near the ubiquitous tea kadai.

"I will not drink" comes a close second.
Ha! becoming a teetotaller overnight,
Is about as easy as trying not to offend
Your mother-in-law, itching for a fight.

"I will hit the Gym, I won't miss my workouts"
Is the new mantra making its rounds.
A few sessions later you have your own doubts,
If you're permanently attached to those extra pounds.

Diet resolutions rip your conscience bare
When you see that Pizza extra cheesy.
The list is endless, but success rare,
Ah, sticking to your word ain't easy.

So the next time some one asks me,
"What's your resolution, mate?"
I've got a perfect response, a kadi,
"It's 1024 x 768!!" :)

But hey, I'd seriously like to know your New Year Resolution! Come on, give it a shot. Consider it a challenge to your will-power. :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Same city. Wrong reaction. :(

This feels awful. I really don't know what to do.

I can't believe the enormity of the situation either.

Sunday morning, I was woken up partially by the quake, and I found it more exciting than scary. Even as I blogged about it, I got news that the sea water had come all the way till the main road in Besant Nagar. And two of my friends clarified it. I couldn't resist blogging about that too.

It all seemed so exciting then. It jus seemed like some freak occurance. (And to think I'd blamed the full moon for it!! bah!)

I hadn't watched TV all day, except for around 10 minutes in the morning, when I noticed the guy on Sun News taking calls from all over Tamil Nadu listening to some very hyper people who went to the extent of saying "I'm surrounded by corpses". I just shook my head wondering what people'd do for their 15 minutes of fame. What followed next is what's been playing on my conscience for 2 days now.

I've been feeling so damn guilty, I've decided to get it outta my system for good.

C~P, Jacky, Ferrari and I had decided to meet up for lunch at Sangeetha Restaurant. All of us had no clue about what really happened in the coastal area. We actually had a great time at Sangeetha. And this is the point that started talking me on a guilt-trip.

We were curious to check out the beach at Besant Nagar to see if the water had receded. Just a peek, we'd decided. To our surprise, the water had gone back completely, and people were thronging the beach like any other day. We didn't see any signs of damage. The only evidence of abnormality was wet sand on the beach. Ok, make that very wet.

Since we were quite vetti, we decided to check out the Thiruvanmiyur beach while we were at it. Off we went, with the music system on full blast. The Thiruvanmiyur beach was pretty crowded with people too. But again, no visible signs of damage. The sea did seem angrier than usual, but I guess this time, the full moon really was to blame. Next stop : the beach at Kottivakkam. The place where I usually hangout with my classmates.

There was a HUGE crowd. A long swarm of people looking towards the sea. There were around 10 policemen on the beach. We stood there too, for 10 whole minutes, trying to figure out what the crowd was seeing. After that, we gave up, feeling way too silly to stand amidst the crowd, looking at the sea with a kinda wonder on the faces that makes you feel you're witnessing a new beach installed in Delhi. But I couldn't help but look at the place where we normally sit. All the dirt and garbage that I remember normally seeing around 250 metres away, were having a conference of their own in the exact same place we sit. But that still didn't give us an inkling of what might have happened.

We just carried on from there, and checked out the beach near Prarthana. And all of a sudden, decided to take off to Mahabalipuram! Just like that, on the spur of a moment. I've been in Chennai almost all my life, and have never been to Mahabalipuram. So this just seemed all the more exciting. A very long drive later, we were there. We even took snaps on the way, trying really hard to see if the kadal had really kondhalichufied. Nope, no such signs. We couldn't even see people trying to go vacate the area, though we did see a few sitting with their potti-padukai on the ECR, but looking quite cool.

All the way to Mahabalipuram and back, and we saw no indications of a calamity that'd struck. Oh, but the shops were all closed. And people wore blank looks on their faces (not knowing how to react, I guess).

The biggest factor playing on my guilt - I actually had fun. :(

I came back and sat with my computer as usual. It was then that news started pouring in. My friends, on Yahoo messenger, told me about all those tragedies. I felt quite disgusted with myself. And very depressed.

Reality hit me hard when I read the paper the next day. The whole thing sunk in then. And it really started playing on my conscience.

I'm really sorry about this long post. I had to get this outta my system. Any dirty glares I earned along the way, I guess I deserve them. :(

The only thing I can do now, I guess, is to make a contribution to a relief fund, and say a silent prayer for those affected by the tragedy.


Do check this out. The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog.
[via Ravi and Kribs]

Sunday, December 26, 2004

High tide in Chennai

I didn't find the Earthquake too serious. But THIS is.

Ferrari called me up in the morning and told me the sea water had come all the way to the main road in Besant Nagar.

I checked w/ my friend J. She was on her way to look at it. She was literally reporting on-scene!

And she had some pretty scary stuff to tell.

The water'd come all the way to the main road and that most of the bhajji kadais were gone.
There were people seriously frightened on the road not knowing what to do.
People crying, people screaming. She asked me not to come over, coz another high tide was coming in. Hmmm, Full Moon.

This is dead serious. Praying for their safety.

Mom Power!

Sunday. As usual.
Early morning. As usual.
Nip in the air. err.. seasonal.
Lecture. sigh, as usual.

But today was a slight deviation from normal. I was quite awake, and listening to my mom's lecture. My sub-conscious had given up all its feeble attempts to put me back to sleep. I tried really really hard to force myself to sleep. And almost succeeded too. And then, I felt it. Mom power in all its glory. She was standing a foot away, and yet, she was jolting me outta sleep. It didn't quite make sense.

So I thought it was yet another silly dream of mine, and went back to sleep.

I was woken up again, by the sharp tremor of my cellphone vibrator. It was my friend S, asking me if I felt the earthquake!

Mebbe I should start believing in Pantheism too!! Mother Earth joining forces with my mom in an effort to set me straight... ooooh, scary thought! I should appease them both.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mr. Jinx :(

I hate to admit it. But I'm jinxed. I really am.

4 plans to watch 7 G Rainbow Colony. All down the drain.
A plan to watch Garfield, postponed twice already.

An almost successful plan to watch Swades tomorrow. And my cellphone conks off!
WHY, God, WHY?!?!?!

The damn thing isn't even a month old! Why, Goddamn you? Why did you have to hang now? Why not tomorrow? Why not yesterday? Why only on the eve of the big plan? Why only when I need you the most!

So much for being in such a good mood until now. :(

I haven't even named her yet! :((

Update (24th Dec.. 1 P.M) :

She went under the scalpel.. or should I say, the screwdriver.
She's perfectly alright now. But then, the doc said she suffers from amnesia.

Translated :

I've got my cell repaired. I lost all my picture messages, ringtones and forwards.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry Christmas. Love, Rowling.

J.K. Rowling has announced that she has completed writing the 6th book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


And she says the book'll be out by 2005. Good. I can't wait to know who the Half-Blood Prince is! Any guesses?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Morning Raaga

I'm not reviewing the film, or its music. Don't worry. :)

This is more about the errr.. "lecture" I have to put up with on early sunday mornings.

My mom's a great speaker. I really mean it. If inspired, she can go on and on about something that she really believes in. And it's a pity she really believes that I'm a good-for-nothing lazy bum!

It maybe good intention ("My son shouldn't grow up to be a slob"). It maybe an attempt to imbibe discipline ("TamBram boys should get up early"). It may even be envy ("How dare he sleep blissfully, while I have to work so hard!"). I don't know what it is. But she really really hates to see me sleeping on a cold, cozy, lazy sunday morning. Hates with a capital H. Heck, put the "ates" in caps too!

And today morning was no exception. There was such a beautiful nip in the air. So good that I seriously feel getting up early on such a morning should be declared a criminal offense. But my mom HAD to play spoilsport. She said, "Harish.. ezhundhuru" once. A little later, she said it once more. And I detected a slight edge in her tone this time. I should have got up right then. But hey, I stand by what I believe in. And I believe it's a criminal offense! So I curled right back in to sleep. :)

Five minutes later, she again saw me dozing oh so happily. And that almost broke that vein in her temple! She launched into such an inspirational speech, I really wonder how I slept through it. She seemed so confident, so self-assured in what she was saying, she'd have made a brilliant orator. Election-la mattum ninnurundha ella vote-um amma-ku thaan. And I meant MY amma! Not Tamil Nadu's Amma!

And the speech didn't stop there. It went on for 20 whole minutes! I wouldn't have minded if she'd poured a bucket of water to wake me up. But this was sheer torture. :( You have to experience it to believe it. Sharp words about what a slob I was, sarcastic taunts that I was an insult to an engineering student, heartfelt rants about how I should improve my life... Some things you just can't ignore, even when you're in deep sleep! The words were boring their way through my skull, tapping that part of my brain that makes me get up. The other part of my brain, the one that says, "Are you crazy, man? Get back to sleep!", was offering deadly resistance to those words. I had a vague vision of my mom and my brain in an intense sword fight. And these kinda crazy hallucinations are enough to prove that my sleep was disturbed. My mom was winning. :(

And then, yet another part of my brain kicked into action. The part that has got me into trouble so many times. And yet, my favourite part. The one that deals with dry wit.

Realising that my mom was unrelenting in her lecture, I jus turned in my bed, and sleepily muttered, "Thank you, amma. Now the Vote of Thanks will be delivered by appa".

It earned me a full half an hour of sleep!!!

No Offense Meant.. to all the Mums around the world! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Caught in the act - Part 1

This is an effort (call it an experiment) to chronicle just how good I've been this semester. (Christmas being around the corner has no part to play in this. Honest!)
The lesser the number of sequels to this post, the "gooder" I've been.

I got caught in the act again today.
Our lecturer was going on and on about Input and Output devices. Still can't figure out what it had to do with Computer Graphics. But that was the least of my problems. All I did was to innocently respond to my friend's query. It wasn't my fault that my friend chuckled, not my fault that I grinned, and certainly not my fault that Sir saw me exactly then! (I told you it wasn't my fault!! Why do you wanna contradict that?) These words from him didn't help matters either (Aswin dude, you got roped in too!!)..

"Harish. All the time laughing. Not paying any attention in class. I have been noticing you from last semester. Everybody has changed. They are becoming serious. You and Aswin have not changed at all. This is not good. You and Aswin better change. Bring me your notes, I want to see it."

I put on the most innocent expression I could muster as I gave him my notes. I'd written everything he'd said. Ha!

But he changed tact at the speed of light and said "Sit in the first bench. I don't want you to sit with A. You'll not listen again."

I trudged back to the first bench, looking so ashamed, I expected his heart to break. It didn't. (I came to know later that I grinned my way back! Do'h! So much for acting!!)

Anyways, I still haven't mentioned the reason I got caught for. The class was going pretty normally (read : boring) when our lecturer gave us a piece of trivia with so much glee on his face, you'd have thought he was giving us all an early Christmas present. He said, "Every key in the keyboard has a life-time of 50 million presses".

My friend D, sitting in the bench in front of me, turned around and asked "Adhukku mela press pannina enna da aagum?"

I just said, "Kai valikkum".

Monday, December 13, 2004

Technology has improved so much-ah?

Naah, no piles operation or anything of that sort! But I love that line from the movie, Magalir Mattum.

Anyways, first day of a new semester. And it was pretty uneventful except for one redeeming li'l factor. My cellphone!

Confession time... I cannot keep my mouth shut in class. I just HAVE to come up with a retort for anything the lecturer says. Funny, or otherwise. (Aswin'll vote for the second, but he's just sore that he's got caught a lotta times!) Hmm, alright.. it's normally me. :) For all my "smartypantsness", I can't keep a straight face for longer than ten minutes. I end up getting kicked outta class for such a silly thing as "grinning". (Yeah.. life's pretty unfair.)

So we came up with the next best thing. Passing notes. And it worked pretty well, until our English Ma'm caught us in the act and said something pretty embarassing. That put an end to our "notes exploits". We had to look for other ways to while away time and the Hindu Crosswords provided a major relief. (Don't u gimme that look! What do u expect an engineering student to do? Listen to lectures?)

And today, we were sitting randomly and I ended up getting a seat quite far away from where I normally sit. There was no one I could comment to! Noooooooooooooooo!!! Right then, my trusty cellphone vibrated to let me know she was there for me. (Oh yeah, I call my cell a "she". Any problems with that? No, I don't know why.. and no, I don't have a name for her either... yet!) And so, with every quirky thing the lecturer did, off went my thumb into a typing frenzy... to get the wisecrack in before it got stale! It worked!! I love this little contraption!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Thank You

Two little words. Infinite power.

Scene : A "general stores".. somewhere in Chennai.

Time : Well, a pretty bad one for the guy at the helm. :)

Mood : Bloody pissed off, alright. He had this nasty look on his face. Kept muttering to himself. Screamed at a couple of helpers. Too many customers, way too little helpers. And very very frustrated.

The hero : Me. :)

What happened : I had gone to book train tickets for my folks. I was pedalling back all the way home, and needed a reason to stop and have a drink. Chennai, noon time. Reason enough. :)
And that was when I saw the scene. He didn't respond to me the first couple of times. So I decided to wait. After seeing off a few customers, he got around to me and asked "Enna sir vennum?"... I asked for a cool drink and happily sipped away watching him get back to the rest of his customers. He got into a heated argument with one of them too. And muttered some words in tamil (that I didn't even know existed), after the customer left. I wouldn't have been too surprised to see smoke billowing outta his ears. Time for me to pay.. how long do you expect to sip an empty cool drink bottle? I paid him the exact change, and said "Thank You".

You should have seen the child-like glee on his face, as he broke into a toothy grin to say, "Welgum".

Friday, December 10, 2004

Kisna... Music. From the soul.

Gotta say this before I start.. C~P and Dhanya, thanks a million for the CD!

AR Rahman and Ismail Durbar. Interest piqued already.

Kisna - The Warrior Poet.

01. Kisna Theme I (Instrumental) :

Picture this. A hazy morning on a Himalayan village. Mist enveloping a sleepy little town. And.... a glorious sunrise. That was the only thing that came to mind, as the melodic strains of Naveen's flute set the mood for the rest of the album to follow. Typical Rahman. (0:59)

02. Hum hain iss pal yahan :

The song unfurls with Udit Narayan rendering the vocal version of the same tune. It's the kinda feel good song you tend to associate with a Subhash Ghai soundtrack. Madushree joins Udit, with a voice that effortlessly scales the high notes and still maintains its saccharine sweetness. No heavy percussion, no funky loops. Just pure, simple melody beautifully rendered, aided, no doubt, by an inspired flautist in Naveen and a good steady rhythm. Throw in some sounds of nature... a twitter here, a croak there, and you've got a winner of a feel-good track from Rahman. Vintage stuff. (7:06)

03. Woh Kisna Hai :

Vivek Oberoi expounds the glory of Radha Krishna as a rustic voice takes over. Sukhwinder Singh, Ismail Durbar, Ayesha Durbar and S. Shailaja take us on a rollicking journey through a path that had earlier been treaded through in Lagaan with Kisliye Radha Jale. But that doesn't, by any means, belittle the song as it gets you swaying and tapping your feet to the wonderful rhythm that gradually builds up as the song progresses. Ismail Durbar catches you unawares at a point when the music stops abruptly, only to restart a second later with more fervour. Catchy. (5:53)

04. Tu itni pagli kyun hai :

Typical typical Subhash Ghai. It's something you'd come to expect if you've watched (or at least listened to) Saudagar, Pardes and Yaadein. Ismail Durbar does try to bring in his stamp of style with his orchestration and vocal fillers. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik sing this folksy tune. Well.. folksy! :) (4:46)

05. Chilman Uthegi Nahin :

Is that Sushmitha Sen saying something as the song begins?? Sounds like her, alright. And the CD Inlay says Sush and Hrishita Bhatt put in special appearances. I'm good! :) Hariharan opens the track that unfolds into a err.. it's called a Mujra right? Pardon my ignorance. But whatever it's called, it rocks! Alaaps, Gunghroos, Harmonium flourishes, court dancers... the works. :) Ismail Durbar paints quite a classical picture. The throaty voices of Kailash Kher and Rakesh Pandit provide a good foil to the smooth silkiness of Hariharan's. Alka Yagnik, Ayesha Durbar and Shailaja do a good job too. Classy. (8:40)

06. Wohi din aa gaya :

A bride awaits her marriage. Alka Yagnik, supported ably by Ayesha Durbar and Shailaja, brings out the joy of the occasion quite beautifully. Sukhwinder Singh packs quite a punch with his spirited vocals. One more from Ismail Durbar. Cute. (6:45)

07. Aham Brahmasmi :

"In me, there's Shiv.. In me, there's Brahma. There's Vishnu in me and in me there's Krishna. So why should I go to the temple?" err.. hehe.. sorry! It sounds quite corny in English, but Javed Akthar gets the message across quite brilliantly in the song. Sukhwinder sings again in this powerful song. Alka Yagnik creates just the right effect with her soft yet firm voice. I'd put the mood of the song somewhere between "Yaar yaar Sivam" and "Hey Ram Ram". Ismail Durbar does a wonderful job managing the percussions and orchestration. Powerful? (5:49)

08. Kahe ujadi mori neend :

Ismail Durbar scores with this one. Ustad Rashid Khan sings this classical number, even as western influences creep in with some heavy duty orchestration. The Kisna Kisna chant reminded me of the "Hey Ram" chant. Super Fusion. (4:24)

09. Ga, tu aisi dhun me ga :

Jeez! I've already used the phrase "typical typical Subhash Ghai" before! I really don't know what to say! :) Village kids, rustic voices, the very familiar mood... hmm, I'd rather leave it hanging here. Ismail, you could have done better than that. Tries to be cute, doesn't quite catch my fancy. Familiar (IMO). (4:39)

10. Kisna Theme II (Instrumental) :

The Kisna Theme returns. This time as a beautiful duet between the flute and the piano. AR Rahman does a wonderful job of juggling between the Western and Indian flavours. My favourite track of the album.. with the effervescent piano, and some lilting stuff with the flute. Brilliant! (3:24)

11. My wish comes true :

An English song, with lyrics penned by Blaaze. A rap?! In a film set in 1947?? Lesson learnt well. Never, EVER, jump to conclusions. It is NOT a rap. Sunitha Sarathy does a Celine Dion. Beautiful Diction. No false accent. A voice to kill for. No silly antics. She's got a wonderful career ahead of her. Rahman's tryst with the Western Philharmonic Orchestra pays off as he certainly notches one up here. A complete western song in an Indian film. A wish come true. (5:49)

12. Kisna Theme (Chorus) :

And the Kisna theme once again, in yet another avtar, this time being belted out by Rahman's choir. Funnily enough, it doesn't get monotonous. It kinda justifies Subhash Ghai's stand in wanting Rahman to score at least the theme, if not the entire soundtrack (Rahman is currently working on the stage production of The Lord of the Rings. Said to be the costliest stage production, ever). The perfect finish. (1:15)

On the whole, a must buy. AR Rahman and Ismail Durbar - Killer Combo! Isn't that reason enough? :)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

For a change..

For a change..
Aaaahhh, it really is amazing how the end of exams ring in a whole new perspective to life!

Disclaimer: No, I wasn't paid to advertise these blogs!! :) But you all owe me one, people! Something on the lines of "Happy Holidays".

Monday, December 06, 2004

Rest in peace.

I hadn't thought I'd actually blog about serious topics. I'd kinda thought of this as my space.. where I could unwind and relax, and forget my tensions (College goers have them too, you know). The last thing I needed to do here was post something dead serious, and have to read comments equally sombre.

But I haven't been able to get this news off my head. There's something so unsettling about the death of someone at his prime. I didn't know him. Heck, I don't even follow soccer. But the news rattled me bad. I kinda connected with him. His family.

Now this is making me extremely nervous about the Indian Cricket Team. Playing under pressure is one thing. The pressure being a threat on one's life, is completely another. For these guys who issued the threat, it could just be a way to get publicity. But it isn't easy for a person to forget all in the field of play. Especially in a sport where even the last delivery you faced could cloud your mind, and make you lose concentration.

Hmmm, but I can't help getting back to morbidity. Cricket has had its share of deaths on the field too. There was Andy Ducat, the Englishman who collapsed while batting. Then there's the Raman Lamba episode. I'd never heard of him then. But I couldn't really shake off the news. And it'd come during an exam (like what's happened now). I had this habit of doodling cartoons on my question paper after writing the exam (we weren't allowed to go out of the hall until the bell rang). I remember being berated for wasting my time, when I could as well check my answer paper for mistakes. But that never stopped me from sketching absurd stuff, being the restless soul that I was (and still am). But that day, I'd drawn Raman Lamba, and almost wrote out a eulogy! Maybe that was my way of venting out something I really didn't feel comfortable discussing.

Mortality gives me the heebie-jeebies. :(
Rest in peace, Cristiano.

This post was just a way to get it off my mind, and concentrate on my studies. Hope it serves its purpose.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Now THAT's funny!!

With all the brouhaha over Cyber Laws and stuff like that, I was kinda scared to post this. But this is way too funny to keep to myself.

1. Amma makes a massive effort to erase video piracy.

2. The entire cine-industry thanks her.

3. They acknowledge her gesture everywhere they go.

4. My friend saw the movie Manmadhan. It had started off with a message that went "We thank our respected Chief Minister for all her efforts to abolish video piracy".

5. The clincher: He saw the movie in a thiruttu VCD!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Cellphone Capers

I got my sim card!! (No, it didn't have Simran's face on it. And no, I'm not gonna sue Airtel.) :)

It was a true do'h moment for me though. Made my sis hurry back from work, got dropped off at the Airtel showroom. Only to find it shuttered down.
For once I was thankful that my sis can't go ten minutes without fishing out her mobile and talking to someone. A colleague of hers was on the line, and he promptly told her that the Airtel showroom had shifted to another building, two blocks away. Phew!

But the spirit of Homer Simpson hadn't cleared yet. I was asked to produce my student ID card. Do'h.

I hate it when such things happen. Especially when you can't put the blame on someone else! Caught a rick all the way back home, took my ID, and went back to Besant Nagar with a sheepish grin on my face.

But no, things didn't end here. I'd to get it photocopied, and their machine was down (or so they said). So off I trooped to an internet center nearby to get it "xeroxed". And the guy charged me 6 bucks for 2 copies. Hmmm, I didn't have time to get frustrated though. I needed the damn card! So I went back, picked a number that had my year of birth hidden somewhere inside ( ) and happily filled the form I was given.

And now, I'm the proud owner of a brand new connection! And before I forget, I got a chance to use my Debit Card for the first time. Oh well, guess all the thrill lasts only as long as you see your bank balance.

For the Rahman/Ajith fans out there, check this out. The official (?) site for Godfather.

Uh oh..

Me (a CompSci person) + Electrical Engineering + Lotsa Hatred - Whole-hearted Preparation = Complete Disaster.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What was that again?

Kann Pesum Vaarthaigal from 7G Rainbow Colony. Awesome song, isn't it? Other than Rahman, Yuvan's been one Music Director who's managed to really impress me. Karthik's damn good too. If it weren't for that scarecrow swishing his arms and legs, I'd actually enjoy the song even more on screen.

But here's something strange I noticed. Do what I tell you to. Oh, go on.. it's ok to listen to someone once in a while at least.. :)

Whistle the first couple of lines from the song.


Try it again. A lil better this time.


Now try whistling Kuchi Kuchi Raakama from Bombay! :)

Eerie, isn't it? This one was spotted by my friend M while I was whistling. Sad. I really liked the song.

Here's one more "woaaah" moment. Ever heard the song "Yamini Yamini" from the movie "Ae! nee romba azhaga irukke"? Pretty catchy tune. Try it. Come on.. don't be shy. :)

And now try Rukmani Rukmani from Roja. Was that jus a coincidence?

Here's one more while we are at it. Hum the starting bit of the title track of the teleserial Annamalai, and u get Uyirin uyire from Kaakha Kaakha.

Too much to bear in a day, isn't it? :) Calm down.. reach for a glass of water. It's all gonna be alright!

This post is long enough already, but there was this very funny SMS my friend S sent me. Here's what she sent :
"There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't." :)

Welcome to the Big Bad Blogging World!

We have two new bloggers on the scene now, folks.

1. Ferrari (Prabhu) :
The self-confessed "specialist commenter" (that's what he called himself. Said "When there are so many people to blog, who's gonna fill up the comments box?") jus got bitten by the blog-bug too! :) Quite a regular at comments@lazygeek.net. That wasn't an email id.. jus lazygeek's comment box! I owe him one actually. He was the one who made sure I was never stuck with zero comments. :) Thanks dude. That gave me a lot more reason to blabber some more. Now you know who's to blame! But there's one more thing I still can't thank him enough for. It starts with Calvin, ends with Hobbes, is in the form of a book, and came as a birthday gift! Thanks again Prabhu. :)
But it'd be unfair to call him a newbie. He's already got over 300 hits! Keep blogging.

The second blogger is my classmate
2. Aswin :
He's the guy who's been postin as Aswin, da_pransta and not to forget.. Kiwi Dranex! A tech-freak, this dude's got a smooth sense of humour. And I guess I should add, an enormous amount of patience. He sits right next to me and has had to grit his teeth through every kadi of mine! He's also the guy who helped me stay awake thru quite a many classes... by joining me in solving the Hindu Crosswords!! (Damn.. It's started to read like an Oscar Speech!)
All the best with your blogging, mate.

This one's for you guys!