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Monday, November 29, 2004

Of smoke machines and PJs...

What's wrong with me? :(
I am just not able to study! Try as I might... one second in front of that dumb book and the reams of photocopies from my friends' notes, and I'm drooping off to sleep.

My sister's friend recently got married. And I came to realise just how much I hate social gatherings. Especially when I know no one there. There I was, grinning stupidly at people I was introduced to, not knowing what to say.

And that really had a bad effect on me, as I found out today when I nodded off to sleep trying to study.

*smoke starts filling in.. doesn't that happen in dreams?*
My lecturer was introducing me to a book, which strangely had hands (or I think it did... I have a vague feeling we shook hands). She said, "Harish, meet Analysis of Algorithms".

The next minute, I wake up to see my mom glaring at me, eyes bright and scary, nose twitching, ears smoking (so that's where the smoke came from!), and her voice in full blast, "EZHUNDHURU! RENDU NAAL-LA EXAM VECHUNDU ENNA THOOKAM VENDI KIDAKKU?"

I thought my dreams were "uninterpretable". But this one was piece o' cake. My next exam is Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms.

I know it isn't funny. But I really wanted to post this link and didn't know how to! :) Grin n bear it! And I never realised switching between tenses so often could be this fun!