Magix 'n' Curses
..the argument continues

Friday, November 26, 2004

Meet Curses.. who forgot to collect his "Best Memory" award

No no, no such award. Just thought it made for a snappy title! :)
The paradox struck again today. I was busy watching the review of Manmadhan on Sun TV with a System Software exam the next day. I hate Simbhu. I didn't really like what I was seeing. I had loads of portions to complete. But hey, I couldn't tear myself away from the TV.

That's when I saw an advertisement, that in my opinion, has arguably the best marketing strategy. It was an ad for this memory pill thingy called Memory Vita. A schoolboy flunks in his exams (I dont believe in signs.. I don't believe in signs...) - his mom is worried - looks at the paper - sees an ad - is hit by a brainwave (what else?) - buys him that darned memory pill - and the boy tops his class. (Very imaginative.. *stifles a yawn*)

But it was the last frame that caught my attention. Nope, Ash wasn't endorsing it. It was this tiny scroll of text. It said, "90 days, Money Back Guarantee".

Brilliant! It doesn't get cleverer than this. If the product doesn't work, well, you'll obviously forget the money-back guarantee. If you do remember, and ask for your money back, the guy could very well say, "See Sir/Madam? You actually remembered 5 little words you saw 90 days back. The memory pills worked!"