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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Living though a dream...

Today has been one of the weirdest days of my life! Went in such a superfast blur, I actually feel I've been through a dream.
Remind me to add this in my autobiography, if I ever write one. Hey, watch it. Don't take your eyebrow up that high! If Pamela Anderson can write her autobiography, so can I! (Coming to think of it, it isn't such a bad idea, especially since my statue's gonna be installed too!)

Ok, I'm digressing way too much. Lemme get back on track.

I woke up before the alarm went off (as I always do during exams).. and I didn't have even the slightest queasiness I normally get on the morning of an exam. I was actually feeling pretty confident I'd do my exam well. That was so un-me (un-me counter starts.. 1). The butterflies paid my stomach a visit only as I was about to enter the exam hall. Good, I'd been expecting them. :)

From then, my day went completely upside down. I started every problem confidently, only to get stuck somewhere. This happened, unfortunately, to almost all the questions. There has not been a single examination, where I've actually sat through the entire 3 hours. I just cannot. I either finish my exams pretty soon cause I'm well prepared, or I leave the exam hall early cause I don't know much. Today, I stayed for an extra 5 minutes (un-me counter.. 2). God bless that invigilator. (Whether the extra time helped, I never will know.)

I was almost in a state of shock. I had this dazed look stuck on my face from the time I left the exam hall. People actually came upto me and said, "Don't worry.. you will pass" even before they asked me how I'd done! Hmmm, I must have looked awful. It was almost 3 by the time I reached home, and I wasn't feeling too hungry (If there's anything un-me, this definitely is! Strike 3). My mom had made Pulao, and I mechanically ate it. Not a trace of that stupid grin that's normally plastered on my face whenever I eat pulao (that's 4 now). I got a vague idea of how bad I looked when my mom said, "I've never seen you like this. Forget the exam. Sleep well tonight, and start studying properly from tomorrow." (Should I start an un-mom counter?)

I switched on the television to catch the India - South Africa game. The way the Proteans dragged it out, I actually started feeling bored. And this is the same person who actually sat through a Holland-Namibia game (my un-me counter stopped working.. it has never been given this much work in a single day.. besides, I realise it's getting on your nerves!). And then, I got the most shocking news of the day.
Glenn McGrath scores a half century. :o
And no, there weren't any flying pigs sighted over the Gabba. :)

My friend B called me up and laughed his guts out! I was pretty amused myself. Certainly helped ease my tension a bit. And from there-on, the day once again turned on its head. A couple of friends called me up and said they'd forgotten to wish me yesterday with all that exam tension. But, of course, they didn't forget to ask me for a treat! Not to worry fellas, sure-a kudukaren. :)

Wondering why I'm being so cheerful all of a sudden, especially after all that I've gone through today? That's coz my sister gave me the best surprise I've ever received. My new cellphone! Thanks a million, sis! I promise I'll be nice to you (for the next one month atleast!! hehe). And here I am, typing all this out, over a very yummy pizza, the second one I've had this week.

Life isn't so bad, afterall. :)