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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Diwali!

Or should I say Iniya Deepavali Nalvaazhthukal.

It's a pity Diwali had to come jus when my exams are round the corner. But hey, it's better than spending your Birthday studying for a Math exam the next day!

I've never been able to churn out those long, verbose, grand greetings like the guys who create e-cards. So lemme jus say it my way..

Have a fantastic day tomorrow, people! :)

Jus caught the Thank You Amma show (!!) on Jaya TV. Exactly as Rahman's part came in! Right after Chinmayee finished singing the very soulful "Deivam thandha poovae", Hariharan and another man (Err.. who was that?) T.L. Maharajan came on stage. And to my surprise, started singin "Yun Hi Chala" (Swades) in Tamil! TLM was good.. his voice damn nearly matched Kailash Kher's. Hariharan, as he always does when Rahman's around :( , started his vocal acrobatics. Rahman couldn't but smile. :) But the most on-key of the lot, were the kids who came on to sing Vande Mataram.
Happy Diwali again!