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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Deva!! How how how?! :)

This man is unbelievable.

Agreed. He's created a whole new dimension to the gaana genre of music. And he has managed a few beautiful melodies. But his notoriety for his shameless copies effortlessly vaults over the popularity of his original (?) hits.

I pity Karthik, the webmaster of
I2FS (a website that keeps tab of Indian film songs that are inspired/copied from other sources). Check out the section on Deva. He seems to be hogging all the bandwidth! :)

But the reason I'm writing this is for his latest song in the album
Ramakrishna. My friend B and I heard it first when we were returning from college. We looked at each other for a second, and broke into wicked grins, eyes all atwinkle. And before we knew it, we were trembling uncontrollably with suppressed laughter. I had tears of mirth streaming down my cheeks. Deva was singing in English!!
Watch out Blaaze. You've got serious competition, mate!

You gotta hear it to believe it. Deva sings something that I haven't, to date, managed to understand. I believe it is Tamil. But it's the last line that hooked us in... Deva croons "why, why, why, why, why, why, why?". As I wipe that tear off the corner of my eye, I can't help but admit, stroke of a genius!

I've been trying to catch the trailor ever since. And yesterday, I succeeded. It starts off with a long list of clippings of movies that played in theatres for barely 3 days. And with Deva's close-up, a proud banner announces, "Indha vetri pada varisayil varum... Deva isaiyil... RAMAKRISHNA"! These guys are brilliant I tell ya! Who needs stand-up comedians when we've got these guys! After a few quick clippings of some (very ordinary) songs from the movie, I caught the song, that I'd surely proclaim (amidst a few chuckles, of course) the pathbreaking song of the year.

Now comes the sad part. I should have switched off my television right then. I unfortunately saw the end of the trailor, where a very prominent Ctrl C - Ctrl V job had been done. Straight off the track Dacoits Duel, from Rahman's
Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

*sigh* Dude, you just won't learn..
And advance birthday(20th Nov) wishes to you.