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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Chennai Bloggers meet

I'm still pinching myself.
I was actually sitting amidst those very people I looked upto as inspirations.

Thanks guys, I had great fun! :)

I know what ur thinking.. but it is possible for a person to be silent and have fun at the same time! :)
Err, can i borrow ur snaps for my blog? :D

Updated on 16.11:
Hmmm, now how did I forget this?! Here's the list of people who attended the meet..
(I'll start with the person who sat on my right, easier to remember!) :)
Vijay, Kribs, Dinesh, Chandrachoodan (Ravages), Karthik, Nirenjan, Guru, Chenthil, Desikan, Prabhu (Ferrari) and me.

The pictures will be up soon.

Updated on 17.11:
Got the pictures. Thanks a lot, Nirenjan.
Here they are..