Magix 'n' Curses
..the argument continues

Monday, November 15, 2004

And that's the way the cookie crumbles...

Now I know why they say Dame Luck. Roughly rewritten, it spells Miss Fortune, or more appropriately in my case, misfortune. :( (Hmm.. coming to think of it, it rhymes with Lame Luck too!)

I've been ruing my dumb luck ever since Anna University announced my exam schedule. Why God, why? What kinda sadistic pleasure do they derive out of doing this to me? Has the devil announced a Trouble-magix-and-get-paid scheme?

Ok, ok.. I'll stop here before I'm totally engulfed by this bitter-sweet comforting li'l factor, that's my self-pity. Cause the way I was ranting, there were bound to be a few well-aimed curses hurled at me anyways!

So here's my problem (No, no, not the exams.. I don't call them problems. The word Problem is jus' not strong enough!!). My birthday falls on the eve of my exams. No wait, lemme put it this way.. My exams start exactly the day after my birthday. And I will have to spend every minute of it cursing my bad luck and keeping my nose buried to the damn text book. (This sounds more tragic, doesn't it?) :)

And to add insult to injury, salt to an open wound, fuel to fire, (and many more such dramatic blahblahs) the cellphone I was promised on my b'day was put on hold (no pun intended). :( My mom's suddenly scared I won't study. Guess she has a different reason, but this is what she told me anyways! Who's she kidding? Doesn't she know her own son? Does she actually think buying me a cellphone's gonna distract me from studies? Shouldn't she be knowing by now that I cannot be anymore distracted than I'm at the moment?!! :)
(Amma, if ur reading this I'm kidding.. don't worry!)
(psssst, if someone else is reading this, I was kidding about the kidding!)

So there you go folks. What more can disturb this badly battered morale of mine? (Did you say a disconnected internet connection? Are you the devil himself?)